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Tips for flawless skin

You want flawless skin. Unfortunately, your complexion is less than perfect. Fortunately, with the help of makeup, you can have flawless skin, even if you have skin problems.

Do you need mineral makeup? If you have a skin problem such as Rosacea or if your skin is really sensitive, you may need to use mineral makeup. This type of makeup is made with natural ingredients and is very soothing, making it ideal for problematic skin.

Choose and use concealer. When choosing a concealer, make sure it is about a half shade lighter than your regular skin tone. You want your concealer to lighten any dark or uneven spots. If it is the same colour as your skin, it could make you appear blotchy and uneven. Ask an expert to help you find the colour that is best for you. Apply concealer to under eye circles and for blemishes. There are different formulas for different purposes. In general, I find that a liquid concealer offers a little more versatility.

Apply foundation. There are so many different types of foundations, how do you choose? At the least, you’ll want to purchase a liquid foundation and a powder foundation. The liquid foundation is good when you need a lot of coverage. You can also mix a little in with your morning moisturizer for lighter coverage. A powder foundation is great for days when you don’t have a lot time to get ready, or when you need lighter coverage. However, if you have dry skin, stay away from powder foundations. The powder adheres to the dry patches and makes your skin look scaly.

Choose a powder. It is a good idea to have both a loose and pressed powder in your makeup bag. Loose powder is used under foundation to create a lasting look and over your makeup to help set it. Pressed powder is best for midday touch-ups because they help control shine and help even your skin tone.

Using all these products properly creates an excellent base for the rest of your makeup. Your skin will look smooth, flawless, and beautiful.

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