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Tips for a no makeup day

Some days, you just don’t feel like wearing makeup. Maybe you woke up too late to do your normal routine justice. Maybe you feel too tired to worry about color. We’ve all had days like that. But, even just a little colour can help. Here is some advice for days when you just don’t feel like worrying about your makeup routine. Even if you use all these suggestions, the routine should take well under five minutes.

Wear lipstick. Lipstick instantly brings colour to your face and brightens your appearance. Choose a shade that is flattering and matches your mood and clothes. Red lipstick instantly brings the attention to your lips and makes your complexion glow. Other colors to try are pink, coral, beige, and plum. For an extra boost, where your favorite colour.

Apply mascara. Mascara offers a quick way to highlight your eyes. If your eyelashes need some extra curl, use a curler before you apply. Choose a formula and color that goes best with your eyes.

Even your skin tone. Even if you don’t feel like putting on concealer and foundation, you can still even your skin tone with a light coverage product. Powder foundation is easy to apply and offers adequate coverage. If you prefer your cream foundation, mix it with a little moisturizer for a healthy glow.

Glow with bronzer. Is your face a little pale? Get a healthy glow with a little bronzer. For a healthy, sun-kissed look use a large brush to apply it to your forehead, nose, and cheeks. Don’t put it on your chin, otherwise it will cause you face to look like it is sagging.

Add colour with blush. Even after applying the bronzer, do you still feel like you need some extra colour? Add a light layer of your favorite blush on your cheeks. Just smile and apply as usual. You can also dust a little blush on your eyes to give them some extra colour.

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Tips for a no make-up day

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