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Makeup and your hair colour

Your makeup should match your hair colour. Are you constantly changing the shade of your hair? Well, you may not realize it but you probably need to change your makeup. Your usual colours may not work, especially if the change was drastic. Follow this advice to help make the transition easier.

A subtle change. If your new hair colour is in the same colour family as your original hair colour, you may not need to change your make up too drastically. For example, if you go from a dark blonde to a lighter shade, you may just need to lighten your colours slightly. Often, applying makeup with a lighter touch is sufficient.

A drastic change. However, you the change was drastic, you will need to buy different colours. The change may even change the hue of your skin, requiring a different foundation colour. Once you change your foundation, you may find that your favourite colours no longer look good. Experiment with new shades until you find the colours that work.

A makeover. If finding makeup to match your new hair colour is too overwhelming a process for you, you may want to get a makeover. Hire a makeup artist to give their expert opinion. Have them teach you how to choose new makeup colours on your own. Go over options for different looks. At the least, have them develop a look for day and a look for evening.

Purchase a makeup kit. If you change your hair colour constantly, you may want to purchase a comprehensive makeup kit with a variety of colours. That way, you have multiple shades to choose from when you change your hair colour which will save you money in the long run. Make sure you purchase a kit that has both warm and cool tones to give you the best variety possible.

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Make-up and Your New Hair Color

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