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When your makeup looks good, you feel great. The right colours and products enhance your best features and make you look radiant. But, when faced with all those choices, do you panic? Here are some makeup tips that will help you play up your best features and choose the colours that are perfect for you.

Get your colours done. Knowing which colours look best on you helps when choosing makeup and your wardrobe. The wrong colours can make your skin look washed out and pale. When you have on the right colours, your skin looks radiant. You can either hire a professional or read a book on the subject that will guide you through the process.

Find your best foundation. A good foundation will even your skin tone and provide a base for the rest of your makeup. Not only will you need a colour that perfectly matches your skin tone, you will need to choose the best formula for your skin type. You can either ask a professional to help or find your best shade through trial and error. If you decide to find it on your own, ask for samples or try the product displays at the department stores.

Assess your best features. Do you have stunning cheekbones? Blue eyes? Full lips? Long eyelashes? Choose one or two of your best features to enhance with makeup. For example, long lashes will look even more stunning with the right mascara and full lips look beautiful with the right lipstick colour. Be careful not to apply too much makeup. Even your best feature can look ridiculous if makeup is too overdone.

Use the right lighting. When you apply your makeup, make sure that you use the proper lighting. If you are putting on your evening makeup, don’t apply the colours under florescent lighting. When you recreate the lighting you can be guaranteed to choose the right colours and apply the perfect amounts. You can purchase a good makeup mirror with adjustable lights or find a place in your house where you can mimic the lighting conditions.

Do your research. The best way to learn about makeup is to do your research. Read books from popular makeup artists. Get professional makeovers. Take some classes. Search online for makeup tips. Buy a makeup kit and experiment. The more you research and experiment, the more skilled you will become.

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