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Get Flawless Skin Fast

We’ve all had those days when our skin looks less than perfect. We battle pimples, under eye circles, and blotchy skin. We want our skin to look healthy, not troubled. Despite how things look, flawless skin is still possible with the help of a little makeup.

Products to use. It helps if you have a few products in your makeup bag so you can use them when you need them. You will need a good concealer. Keep two different formulas around- a medicated concealer and a regular formula concealer. You can use the medicated concealer to cover up blemishes and the regular one for under eye circles. You’ll also need a good foundation and loose or pressed powder. If you need help choosing the colours, consult with a makeup artist.

Apply concealer. The first step to creating flawless skin is to apply concealer to any trouble spots. For blemishes, dab medicated concealer on the blemish and tap lightly with your fingertips to blend the colour. For under eye circles, dot the concealer just underneath the dark spots and blend upwards with your fingertips or brush using a light touch. If you choose not to use a medicated concealer for blemishes, make sure the formula is at least dermatologist tested.

Foundation. Your next step to flawless skin is foundation. Foundations come in different formulas. You can get a liquid formula, cream-to-powder formula, or a powder foundation. Consult with a makeup expert to help you choose the formula and colours that are right for your skin tone. They can also help you learn the proper application technique. In general, you want to apply foundation with a sponge applicator using light, downward strokes.

Finish with powder. The last step to creating flawless skin is to dust powder on your face using a large powder brush. Don’t use a sponge applicator, or else you could rub off some of your foundation and concealer and make your skin tone look uneven. Powder helps set the foundation and makes it last longer. You can also use a little pressed powder during the day to touch up any spots that may need more coverage.

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