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Creating Your Wedding Day Style

You want to be the perfect bride. You have an idea which wedding dress you’d like to buy, but you just aren’t sure. You know you need to create a makeup look after you choose the gown, but you just aren’t sure what to do. How do you know which style will best suit your wedding day? Here are some tips:

Your personal style. First, think about your personal style. Do you tend to prefer a more romantic look to a modern one? Are you more likely to choose a vintage gown to a modern designer original? If you haven’t chosen your dress yet, shop with your personal style in mind. If you don’t typically wear off the shoulder gowns, chances are you wouldn’t feel comfortable in a wedding dress that is off the shoulder.

Consult with the experts. If you would like to make sure you choose the dress and makeup look that will make you look the most beautiful, it may be best to consult with some experts. Hire a wardrobe or fashion consultant to help you choose your gown. After you find your wedding dress, hire a makeup artist to come and consult with you before your wedding day. Many companies offer these types of visits as part of their fee for doing your wedding makeup. Take advantage of this service. It is a great stress reliever to choose the colours and techniques that you will use during your wedding day.

Experiment. Another option is to experiment with different looks at home. If you have a modern gown, you may want to choose colours that adhere to the latest trends. If your gown is more traditional, neutral makeup colours may work best. If your dress is romantic and has a flowing style, consider wearing shades of plum, pink, or rose. When choosing colours make sure you pick shades that work well with your complexion. You wouldn’t want to wear an icy pink if your skin had strong yellow undertones, for example.

Don’t wait. Don’t choose your colours on your wedding day. It is best to experiment with colour before your big day. In fact, go through the motions of completely preparing for your wedding day complete with hair and makeup at least a week before. If you do this in advance you can allow yourself to relax and be pampered on your big day.

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